Dzintari concert hall 

Jūrmala DzintariJurmala is largest resort in Baltic States. It's a pearl of Latvia known for it's white sand beaches, hundred year old pines and picturesque art nouveau wooden houses.

Here is located Dzintari concert hall - unique in Europe, in which concerts of famous artists, competitions of new performers, international festivals of music, ballet and choreography regularly take place attracting inhabitants of and visitors to the city of Jurmala.

Indoor hall of Dzintari concert hall was built in 1936. Concert hall was built as wooden building with nicely styled, extending portico of columns and National Romanticism motives in decorations of facade and interior.

In 1960 indoor concert hall was complemented with nowadays so popular summer concert hall.

Jurmala is the city on the wave - on the wave of achievement, hope and success!

National Token dispenserwww.jurmala.lv 

National Token "Dzintaru koncertzāle" can be purchased through the very first National Token dispenser in Latvia  -
in Jūrmala tourism information center, Lienes street 5.





Dzintaru koncertzāle  Dzintaru koncertzāle  


Gardening school Bulduri

Mulduru monētaThe first Gardening school in the Baltic States is located in Jūrmala - Bulduri. The school was found by the association of Gardening under the guidance of Fricis Lasmanis. Bulduri Gardening school was opened for the funds that were donated by Ernsts Leopolds Šohs. Pēteris Dindonis was the first head master of the school.

In this century there are gardeners, landscape designers, florists, catering and hotel service specialists studying in Bulduri Gardening school.

You are welcome in Bulduri!


 Bulduru skola  Bulduru skola  

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